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Product Overview

Based upon proven motion control technology our Traverse units combine class-leading accuracy with rugged, useable construction. Our Traverse units have logged hundreds of hours in the most arduous engine test conditions. Standard units are proven at up to 150 degrees centigrade whilst, with the addition of further environmental protection, we can continue to work at much higher temperatures.

Prior to leaving our premises, each system is subjected to an extensive test programme including calibration and soak testing. Rotadata's Traverse hardware is modular in nature. A typical system will consist of the actuator itself, a ruggedized ground station containing Rotadata's server based proprietary control software and up to a 30m power/control cable.

Control of the Traverse can be achieved by either manual control using a web browser or automated control using the serial port (RS232 or virtual) and "handshaking" lines.

Rotadata's software supports an auto yaw facility for use with cobra or wedge probes. This function will rotate (yaw) the probe around its own axis under automated control to balance the pressure at the extreme probe tappings. The probe angle at the balance position can be logged at multiple radial insertion points, providing the data required to allow flow information to be determined.

Traverse Product Support

We also provide a range of product support services including rework and re-calibration, re-test and re-validation. We also support unit life cycle management including electronic module and software upgrades. There are also optional unit storage and maintenance services to maintain a ready for test status as well as installation and commissioning services.

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