The Rotadata Blade Tip Timing System works on the basis of recording and measuring the arrival of each of the rotating blades on a secfic stage of an engine or turbine as they pass an array of sensors. For blade vibration analysis, the Rotadata system typically comprises 9 Tip-timing probes per stage (the quantity of probes may vary depending on the specific blade count and vibration charateristic), plus a once-per-rev system to synchronise blade vibration analysis.

Blade Tip Timing is a non-instrusive technique but the sensors need to have access to be able to detect the blade tips and are therefore exposed to the environment of whichever stage is to be measured; the significant factors are the case temperature and the gas or steam conditions.


The Rotadata Blade Tip Timing Package includes the following services:

  • Modelling of the rotor blades/blisk/disk
  • FEA analysis of the rotor blades/blisk/disk
  • Frequent analysis of the rotor blades/blisk/disk
  • BTT Test Design
  • Probe Quantity/Position
  • Probe Selection
  • Probe supply/installation
  • BTT Hardware design/production/supply
  • Data acquisition
  • Data reduction and analysis


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