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Rotadata probe traversing systems provide class leading accuracy and repeatability in the positioning of aerodynamic probes in almost any kind of flow stream, including that found in the highly aggressive environment of the compressor or turbine stages in a working jet engine. The specialised technology developed specifically for working in such environments ensures the Rotadata probe traversing systems are suitable for almost any engineering application.

To date Rotadata has supplied well over 300 systems which have been proven within Aerospace, Space, Industrial Power Generation and Wind Tunnel applications.

The heart of the Rotadata traversing system is the 2-axis traverse actuator. Constructed from the highest quality materials and able to withstand the expected vibration stresses, the robust actuators can give un-interrupted, trouble-free periods of engine testing and class leading accuracy and repeatability.

The Tangential and Circumferential Base units are constructed to the same aerospace standards as the 2 Axis Traverse Actuators. For comprehensive area mapping, multi-actuator installations are frequently specified, with all actuators being network controlled to ensure fully automated testing.

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Probe Traversing Systems Product Support

We provide a range of product support services including rework and calibrations. We support unit life cycle management including electronic module and software upgrades. We offer optional unit storage and maintenance services to ensure your equipment operational readiness as well as training, installation and commissioning services.


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  • Full scope of aftermarket services, re calibration, re-supply of front end sensors/probes.
  • Broad scope of test and measurement systems.
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